About Us


Owner- Justin Pargoff

I started the Company back at the end of 2013 with operations starting in early 2014. With only one truck, one trailer and some equipment. While working a full time job when starting up we have been able to build the company up to 4 trucks and a crew of 15. 


Operations Supervisor- Jason Slowick

Jason has been with the company since 2014. Jason started out as a crew member with one of our lawn mowing teams. He worked his way up as a crew supervisor of our  landscape team in 2015. Jason took over the Operation Supervisor position in 2016. 


Crew Supervisor- Melvin Marable

Melvin (Mel) Started with the company back in 2015 as a crew member with the lawn mowing team. After becoming a crew lead Mel moved his way up to Crew Supervisor in 2017


Crew Supervisor- Brian Zahn

Brian started with the company in 2015 as a crew member with the landscape team. Brian work between the landscape and mowing crews for some time until taking over the landscape crew lead position in 2016.