Aeration/ Over Seeding



Core Aeration is the process of taking Hollowed out spikes on a wheel and punching wholes through out the turf. This take soil from lower levels of the ground to the top of the surface. This process also allows more oxygen and nutrients into the wholes made. This of it as a healthy way to mix the current soil with out disturbing the lawn. 

Over Seeding

This is usually done at the the same time as Aerating. Always completed as the second step in the process as to not damage the new seed when aerating. it mixes well with aeration since a lot of the new seed can find its way into the soil and makes it ideal for new germination. The other good thing about doing these at the same time is that it is preferred to do in the early Fall season. When done at this time the soil temperatures are still warm while we also have cooler atmospheric temperatures. That combination of temperatures is the most ideal. 

You will find one other service to have done along with Aeration and over seeding is put down fertilizer. When adding new seed and fertilizer you want to make sure you have a good base starter fertilizer. You want to stay away from putting a fertilizer with and weed prevention down as it can stunt the germination of the new seed. 

Spring time is the second best time of year to seed. Unlike the fall we have cooler soil temperatures and warmer atmospheric temps. This is still a good combo along with the wetter season but still not as good as early Fall. 

Spring Seeding

As mentioned above spring season is still a good time to seed. You do not need to complete a aeration if you plan to do it in the fall but if you are looking for a bump in the new grass growth department then definitely go for it. Do note that there is a down side to seeding in the spring or at least watch out for a common mistake. When you seed in the spring you have to hold off on putting down any crab grass per-emergent in the late winter or any grass weed per-emergent in early spring when seeding. If that is not skipped both or even just one of those pr- emergent will kill off the new seed you have put down in the spring. Since you have to hold of on putting down any weed prevention you run the risk of having a crab grass or summer weed issue even if they have not been present in the past. 

WATER WATER WATER- always make sure when you seed to keep the ground moist consistently after putting any new seed down. You want to make sure the ground is watered to the point of being wet but not creating standing water. The ground should remain at this consistency through out the day. No matter how good the seed is you will not see great results with out it.