Designer Bed Boarders


When are Boarders needed

Typically a mulch bed or flower bed is created with a natural cut edge. This is also what is included with our basic mulching package. Some time though a bit more is needed. This can be due to wash out issues, where mulch is  pushed out the the bed and over the edge by heavy rains. The natural grade of the lawn could also cause issues were a boarder will assist keeping the beds form. It could even just come down to wanted a specific look or feel with the new or current landscape. 

Materials to Use

There are several options when comes to added in a boarder to beds. There are Landscape Timbers, Landscape Bricks, different colored metal boarders, plastic boarders or even a eco friendly material boarders. There have even been times where we have re purposed something not designed for a mulch bed and used it as a boarder.