Grass Restoration and repair


What can be done?

Grass restoration will be a plan built based on each individual yard depending on its current state and needs. Similar to the decision between Sod or Seed we use information from the customer to determine the best route of action. This can be a quick or longer planned turn around. 

What are the problems?

The first step to repairing the yard is figuring out what are the problems. We look for signs that could be caused by lack of sun, to much moisture, not enough water, foot traffic, pets, high acidic levels, weed issues plus many more contributors to poor lawn conditions. Even the worst lawns can be repaired, though there are times were there are combinations that will not allow us to work with in a customers budget. A lawn surrounded by to many full grown trees would create a scenario where the only way to get the lawn to come in is to remove thousands of dollars worth of trees. The good news is we some times can come up with other landscaping options to fulfill the needs of the home owner. 


Product like Lime, Fertilizer, Seed and Straw put down in the right order and combination and do wonders. Some lawns might need the addition of some top soil or other might need Moss killer to get them jump started. We would be glad to complete a full analysis of your lawn to let you know what would be needed and build a plan to fit your needs.