Gravel and Stone Work


Where and when to use Stone

Landscape stone and gravel can be used for many purposes on a property. They can be used for driveways, walkways, water run offs, patios and even flower beds. 

Water and traffic is typically the most coming reason to use stone. This can be because a bed is in the path of where the water needs to move through when it rains and mulch just washes away. We can also use it to help control where we want the water to go. Pets and foot traffic can make mulch not as ideal and this would be a good time to look at gravel as a replacement. 

Some times using it in a mulch bed is just a solution for not wanted to replace mulch every year. We recommend areas like this to use a more common stone as erosion will still occur making there a need for touch ups ever few years. You also want to use some sort of weed boarder under the stone when using it in beds because if weeds go left untouched or treated they can make the bed almost impossible to salvage with out replacing all the stones. 

Types of Stone

There so many types of stone to match the project you might want. We can go through color options, different styles and finally size options also. We recommend to always see the stone or gravel in person as pictures can be misleading at times.