Lawn mowing


Mowing Schedules

We can set up weekly, bi weekly or even Monthly service cycles. The speed of each lawns grass growth or customer preferences will determine the frequency of each service. 

Grass Height

Grass needs to be cut no shorter than 3 inches to keep it healthy. During the hotter months it is recommended to cut grass at 4 inches. We keep to these heights when our customers are set up for service. Time to time customers will request lower or taller lengths and we will gladly honor those request. We do not recommend and will not cut grass lower than 2 inches. This is because of damage that could be done to the yard and possibly our equipment. 

Bag or not to Bag

Per customer request we can either set up to bag clippings when we mow a lawn. This would be set up ahead of time and would be worked into the price for service. Reasons to bag would be if the grass is long enough. When the grass is long and not bagged it can generate clumps of grass that can kill spots of grass if left behind. Typically you want to at least not bag a cut the first one to two services of the year then bag. The benefit of not bagging is allowing the nutrients of the clippings to cycle back through the turf and help feed it self.  


When grass exceeds 6 inches it causes the need for a double cut. This happens because there is so much debris when the grass is cut it causes a uneven cut. A second pass then creates a smoother cut. When this is needed either for a customers first service or even a customer who is already set up we will charge half the base service cost.