Types of Mulch

  • Natural Hardwood Mulch(not treated)
  • Premium Hardwood Mulch
  • Designer Dyed Black Mulch
  • Designer Dyed Brown Mulch
  • Designer Dyed Red Mulch
  • Certified Playground Mulch
  • Non- Certified Playground Mulch
  • Pine Straw Tags

Basic Mulching Service

When you sign up with us to mulch existing beds around your property you get more than just us putting down new mulch. 

Included with the basic mulch price:

  • Existing beds will be de weeded 
  • Any random debris or foliage will be clean out of the beds
  • We will create a new natural dug out edge where needed if no boarder exists
  • Will spray beds with a pre/post emergent weed chemical.
  • We will hand lay the chosen mulch product. 

This covers moderate cover in beds. Beds that have a heavy weed cover or filled will debris and foliage will have additional charges. 

We can also create new and design new mulch beds when desired. When we install new beds areas are dug out down to the soil so the new beds stay clean as possible after completed. 

Why and when to Mulch?

Mulching is a expense all home owners already know about. What may not be know is why and when. Text book mulching says it should be done yearly and actually be done twice a year. The average customer will at least mulch once a year in the spring time. At the minimum once a year is our recommendation. 

What are the benefits:

  • A new layer of mulch bring a fresh new look to your existing landscape design. 
  • New mulch add a layer of protection for all you plants 
  • New layers of mulch helps eliminate possible outbreaks of mold and fungus. It is also recommended to have old layers of mulch stripped away before applying each new application. 
  • Mulch also acts a a weed suppressant. Some times it only minimizes the weed out break and more aggressive steps are needed. Landscape fabric or weed treatments may bee needed. 
  • When only applying once new layer of mulch a year it is best to apply in early spring. This is when you are outside the most and can enjoy the fresh look and also weeds are at their worst. Plants benefit the most at this time also. Fall applications go a long way because of the natural break down of mulch through the warms summer season. Plants need the same protection during the winter months and the cold season breaks down that single application even more.