Sod Instillation


Sod or Seed?

The biggest question we are always asked is weather a customer should do Sod or have us seed to achieve that great green lawn look. It is always a tough question to answer but with a few questions we know the route to go. 

Q- What is your budget?

A- Its not that we are looking for how much to charge but just to make sure the customer knows what to expect. Sod will always be the more expensive choice. That price is what make it a instant turn around. Seeding is the cheaper option but the time waiting for the great yard will need to be understood. 

Q- How quickly do you need it green?

A- Sod like mentioned before will be immediate. Slowly treating, aerating and seeding the lawn will take up to 2 years. 

Q- How does the lawn look now?

A- Some times a lawn is not in rough enough shape to justify sodding the whole thing. Seeding just makes sense some times. If we are just trying to repair a thin or patchy lawn it make be the smarter move. 

Q- Water?

A- The lack of a irrigation system may rule out a customer desire for sod. Some times it might be to much of a risk to put all that money into the lawn if it cant get the proper watering. 

Some times a customer will fall in-between these two choices. and there is actually one more option. It is a combinations of the two choices above. We can complete a process where we prep the current yard in such away that the new seed that we put down and bring in a new lawn with in 3 months with a cost between sodding and seeding. in this process we will kill off the existing lawn issues weather weeds or moss, bring in new soil and put down New seed, starter fertilizer and a EZ straw barrier. With proper water say hello new lawn!!!

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